Mother’s touch

I wish that this moment, here with you, could be everlasting.

as I lay by your side, holding your gentle loving hands close to my cheek

your warmness is contagious. I feel it, inside as well as out..

the touch of your skin feels beautiful.

The hands of a hard working woman.

they are slowly aging, but yet still give me that magical feeling..

the feeling i receive since you brought me into this world.

Since the very first day our eyes met,

I somehow knew you would be my protector, my everything.

I held onto your finger, wrapped my tiny hand around it

never wanting to let go. And to this day we stay connected.

For these hands have guided me through my first steps,

Teaching hands.

Wiping my tears if i was hurt, fixing every bruise in pain,

Healing hands.

Pressed against my chest to help me sleep through an uncontrollable cough,

Magical hands.

Or something as simple as what you’re doing now..

lightly caressing my face,

scratching my head with those tender affectionate hands.

This moment may not last, but our love is forever eternal.